How Can HGH Be Combined With STEROIDS

People generally perceive the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to be an equivalent of steroid. But it is in fact, not a steroid rather an essential hormone vital for metabolic growth and fat burn. The HGH and steroids are entirely different with regards to their chemical structures, so using the word-combination ‘HGH steroids’ is actually not right. While steroids are testosterone variants, consisting of a cycloalkane structure, that are generated through synthetic flows for use in sports industry or for the treatment of trauma, HGH is a hormone produced by our body.

What is HGH?

The Human Growth Hormone is a polypeptide chain made up of 191 amino acids linked through various peptide chains. The pituitary gland is responsible for secreting HGH that helps build lean muscle mass while testosterone, a vital male hormone, is produced by the testicles. Although both steroids and HGH entail structural differences, they serve as powerful anabolic substances that can be combined as they have the ability to stimulate different types of receptors. It’s better to grab a lucid understanding of the working mechanisms of both these elements before you learn how to use a combination of the two for maximum benefits HGH for sale.

The Working Mechanism of HGH & Steroids

HGH plays a key role in fat burning directly and growth of muscle cells in the body. The Growth Hormone stimulates fat cells to move out of their storage sites into the bloodstream from where they can be transported to the mitochondria for oxidation and conversion to ATP or universal energy. With optimum levels of HGH concentrations in the blood, fat cells are influenced instead of carbohydrates to become energy sources for the body. This way you lose excess fat and stay lean and toned.

The growth hormone also stimulates muscle growth activity through the insulin-like growth factor 1 known as IGF-1. The IGF is produced when HGH communicates with receptors in the liver that transforms it into the growth factor. The IGF moves to the muscle cells sites binding itself to IGF receptors making the protein synthesis process fast. With the action of HGH, the fat burning and muscle growth occurs simultaneously allowing you to stay in shape.

Steroids Working Action

The steroids work in a different manner, compared to HGH. The primary function of the steroids is to change the state of the skeletal muscle tissue, bones, skin, fat and parts of the brain by spreading throughout the body via the bloodstream and interacting with the relevant body parts.

Combination of steroids and HGH

Combination of the two is a good idea for the following reasons:

  1. The synergy effect OR The 1 + 1 = 3 

Since both HGH and steroids influence different types of receptors in the body, providing a slew of advantages to the muscular system, taking the two together allows you to reap all these benefits.

  1. HGH and Steroids can best Tackle each other’s Side Effects

The resulting synergy effect from the combination that is achieved by minimizing the dosage of each allows great benefits and the facilitation of the side effects of HGH and Steroid intake. You should consume steroids in a limited dosage, such as 500 mg of testosterone rather than 750 mg when taking HGH. This helps minimize the probable side effects.

How to combine steroids and HGH?

The primary way to combine them is by using testing cycle:

HGH and Testing cycle:

This is a simpler method; you can make use of long esters like cypionate, Sustanon or enanthate. The dosage can be customized according to your experience, however, the suggested proportion is 1/100. For example, 5 IU of HGH per day + 500 mg of Test-C

It is recommended to portion your daily intake of HGH into two parts. Inject the first after you wake up in the morning, and the second one, preferably 6-8 hours later or before going to sleep.

Bulking & Cutting

The HGH and Steroids can be combined for bulking and for cutting options. For a bulking cycle, 5-7 IUs of HGH is suggested that will allow you to gain lean muscle mass while Cutting combination makes use of 10-15 IUs of HGH, as indicated below for accelerating fat burn.

Bulking cycle may entail strong substances such as Testosterone, Trenbolone, Deca or Dbol.

Test E (500 mg) + Deca (500 mg) + Dbol (30 mg) + HGH (5-7 IUs).

A cutting combination will use steroids that promote fat burn like Winstrol, Trenbolone and Anavar. If your cycle is brief and you want to burn fat effectively, then consider increasing your HGH intake.

Winstrol/Anavar – 50 mg/day + Trenbolon E (200-300 mg/week) + 10-15 IUs of HGH.

Famous Musicians That Confirmed Their Love for Cannabis

There’s nothing more beautiful than lighting up a joint when listening to your favorite music. In fact, for many people, including me, music and weed go hand in hand. Talking about music, some of the greatest musicians of all time have praised weed for quite a lot of reasons. Whether it’s the healing ability or the fact that it stimulates creativity, musicians love cannabis.

From Bob Marley to Rihanna, cannabis is every musician’s favorite, and rightly so. Let’s take a look at some of the best musicians who have proclaimed boldly that they support and love cannabis.

  • Bob Marley

Even though this one’s obvious, did you know that Bob Marley smoked cannabis not for recreational purposes, but for his religious ones? According to the Rastafarian religion, cannabis was sacred and Bob Marley believed in spreading awareness rather than fear and hatred.

He had converted his religion much before he even became famous, and as his name and fame grew, he became an iconic figure. Bob Marley didn’t use cannabis casually, and it’s a myth that all Rastafarians smoke weed. While some of them consume/smoke weed even today, they do so to help people address their illnesses.

  • Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is perhaps the only man who can carry off a stylish braid even in his 80s! Known for his outlaw country music that drew thousands of followers, Willie has supported a lot of causes dear to him. From supporting biofuels to cannabis, he’s one of the most famous musicians of all time in country music.

Willie Nelson not only supports marijuana for recreational use, but he also contributes to the legalization movement through his company Willie’s Reserve. His enthusiasm about weed must be clearly visible, which is why a cannabis strain is also named after him.

  • Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s “Smoke weed every day” must tell you what he thinks of the herb. A list of the most famous musicians that support weed will never be complete without him, and I’m sure you agree. Right from his debut in 1992, he’s seen smoking ganja in every single video he has released.

Not only does Snoop work on his music, but he has turned his love for marijuana into a very profitable business. Apart from releasing a book on cannabis that’s made of rolling papers, Snoop also has a website and his own brand selling cannabis products called Leafs by Snoop. If there’s anything related to marijuana, he has simply done it all.

  • Rihanna

Rihanna has never been shy about smoking cannabis. Not only has she talked about her love for the herb in various interviews, she also takes pleasure in posting gazillions of pictures of her lighting up every now and then.

  • Kid Cudi

Famous as the “Lonely Stoner”, Cudi has made a lot of songs that revolve around cannabis. Even his concerts are famous and weed lovers arrive in thousands to enjoy his music while smoking their favorite joints. His debut album called “A kid named Cudi” attracted way too many followers who love his songs even today.

It’s quite obvious that musicians love weed, but they also get to smoke the best. High-quality marijuana is something else. If you’re waiting to try pure, unadulterated cannabis, you can grow the plant at home! There’s nothing more pleasurable than planting seeds, taking care of the plants, harvesting, and then curing them. Not only will you enjoy top class cannabis, but you can also plant whatever strains you like. Start by grabbing some of the Best LED Grow Lights, seeds, soil, fertilizers, and who knows, the musician in you might start singing too!

Main Factors to Consider Looking for a Mattress

A quality sleep depends on several factors such as stress levels, eating habits and daily activities. Since all these factors play a big role in affecting your night’s rest, purchasing a comfortable mattress is vitally important as it gives your body the support needed for a quality sleep. However, you may wonder what constitutes a good mattress. Many mattresses out there can help satisfy your sleeping habits. But there are main factors you should consider when looking for a mattress. They include:

  1. Mattress type

The type of mattress each person buy depends on personal preferences. With different types of mattresses out there, choosing the right type can be the hardest choice for anyone. One might even consider getting an air mattress. Anyway, if you do, make sure you get the very cabinet bed. Below are different types of mattress that will help you make an easier research and selection:

  • Hybrid- They are mattresses constructed by combining latex, coils, polyurethane foams, memory and other materials. They are usually designed to help maximize the health benefits while minimizing the cons. They are best for sleepers want the best in a bed as they offer the best comfort, support, great bounce and right temperature. Examples are memory foam hybrid and Avena mattresses.
  • Memory foam- They are mattresses made of memory foam as the only material. They are known for their pressure relief, good support and body contouring. Examples include Leaf and Loom mattress.
  • Latex– They are mattresses made of latex only. They are known for their comfort and cooling properties. A good example is Brooklyn Bedding mattress.
  • Coils– They are made of one or more spring coils designed to provide support and comfort. A good example is Honest Bed mattress.
  1. Firmness

Firmness is how soft or hard your mattress is. Though firmness is a subjective term, the firmness of a mattress depends on your definition of soft, medium and firm. In addition, body weight and body type are factors that play an important role in how you feel a mattress. Firmness should not be confused with support as a good support means keeping your spine at a perfect alignment without creating pressure points. Firmness is therefore related to how comfortable a mattress feels. Whether hard or soft, firmness level goes hand in hand with how comfortable you feel.

To help determine the level of firmness in a mattress, you should go for soft, adjustable or medium firm. Too soft or too stiff mattress affects your pressure points making it hard to get on and off the bed.

There is no universal firmness scale to help you count when looking for the Best Mattress but there is firmness scale that will help you distinguish between different firmness in mattresses. The best firmness range for most people is 5 as it offers postural control, back support and spinal alignment.

  1. Sleeping Position

It is as well important to keep your sleeping habits or positions into consideration when looking for the best mattress. For example, each sleeping position has its own requirements in a mattress.

  • Back sleepers- Both support and firmness are important for back sleepers. The best mattress for these people is the one that eliminates pressure points by offering enough softness and great support.
  • Side sleepers- Since side sleepers often changes their positions, they need soft to medium level firmness to help relieve pressure points on the back and neck.
  • Stomach sleepers- These people need a mattress that gives an equal support across the body. This is to help prevent the middle section from sinking which would result to back pain.
  1. Body Weight

Your body weight may seem less important, but it is a crucial factor you should consider when looking for a mattress. The feel, support, sinkage and hug of each mattress highly depend on your body weight and body type. Depending on your body type and weight, you may require a specific type of mattress and firmness that will help create support and ideal feel that your body needs for a quality sleep.

  1. Your Budget

A flexible and accurate budget can be very important as it helps you go through the buying process in a more efficient and comfortable manner. Some retail shops may offer mattresses at a bargain price while other may add more expenses with additional accessories and warranties. However, all should depend on what you want and what you can pay. Always consider the following tips:

  • Put the first things first and never equate price with quality.
  • Never go for ultra-cheap mattresses as they may be of low quality.
  • Your budget actually dictates the durability of your mattress.
  • Pay for quality.

How Can You Live In A Tiny House?

It is not an adage, but a common belief that little things go a long way and living in a tiny house is an art – an adaptability, and it comes with its own perks. The tiny house trend began long ago and is still in practice for the pleasure and also the comforts that come along with it. Even though it may not be easy, living in a tiny house can be similar to living in a larger home, with a lot of adjustments of course. Here are a few ways how you can live in a tiny house:

Keep it fresh:

If you are living in a small house without fretting about things lying there, replace them occasionally if they are there without any purpose. For example, get fresh flowers for your vases or align the art pieces in a way that changes every month.

Square foot is just a number:

If you think that the way a house looks is based on its square feet, you need to rethink. Even the tiniest houses can hold a lot of stuff in them and the objects can be arranged aesthetically if designed keeping in mind the lack of space.

Let your stuff multitask:

Imagine a dining table that becomes a couch or a bookshelf that transforms into an ottoman. These are only a few examples of what regular household furniture can do! Every little corner of the house can convert into an object more useful and space for more than one function. tiny homes for sale in oregon is your best way out of this situation.

Practice minimalism:

When you think of colors, think sober or soft. Lighter tones of colors enhance the room’s size, and a tiny house can look like a regular sized house. According to interior design, colors like white, yellow, light gray or green make the rooms look bigger and brown if you want a neutral theme across the house.

Utilize the outer space:

Redecorate your porch into something that can allow you to sit and relax, maybe a living room. Since tiny houses have limited interior space, the terrace and the porch are best to use as spaces for leisure activities such as playing board games or dining together. Keep this area very well decorated and play your favorite music when you retire for the day after work.

Go for things that you need instead of what you want:

If you are going grocery shopping, make a list of things that you would need and can store without using excess space in the house. Tiny houses lack enough space for storing a lot of things. Going selective is the key to keep the house neat and roomy.

Become more people-friendly:

If you share your tiny house with a friend or a family, learn to take things easy as bad arguments may mean being thrown out of the house or ending up on the kitchen floor for the night. By maintaining relationships well, you can make the whole experience of living in a tiny house fulfilling.

Sell or lend stuff that you do not need anymore:

If you have been living over a period and not sure about some of the objects in the house, think about their use. If they do not seem useful anymore, conduct a yard sale or garage sale and sell them off or you can even hold an auction for the antiques and precious items that are purposeless. You can also consider donating some of the things if you are unwilling to sell them. A big heart goes a long way.

Regardless of whether you had lived in a tiny house before or did, it can be a great experience because you do not have to worry about a huge mortgage and high maintenance costs! However, the best thing to do before you decide to live in a tiny house is to carefully inspect its construction and anything that you may regret later.

What Mattress Is Right For You?

Everyone will tell you that you need to spend a little more on a mattress where you will spend about 1/3 of your lifetime. However, no one tell you exactly which mattress is the best for you. As a result, many customers find themselves pondering this question. Surprisingly, there is not a single perfect answer. Why? Because we have different preferences in terms of comfort and support and this makes it difficult to have a one size fit all mattress. Even more confusing, are the dozens of names mattress manufacturers have given their mattresses. But whatever your sleeping preferences maybe you can rest assured that there is a perfect mattress to suit you. Your sleeping position is one important factor that determines what mattress suit you.  So knowing your sleeping position is the first step towards finding your mattress deal.

This is what your sleeping position says about your mattress

Side sleeper

As a side sleeper, your pressure points are on the hips, shoulders and the head. So as can be seen side sleepers are vulnerable to pressure points. Therefore, the right mattress for you is one that finds a happy between support and softness. This is beneficial because it allows plenty of give and cradles to your body natural curves. This cushions your body and keeps the spine properly aligned while at the same time providing maximum comfort. This prevents any pain on areas of the body that are sensitive to pressure.

Back sleeper

For back sleeper the pressure points is at the lumbar region so you must ensure that the back is adequately supported and the spine alignment remains neutral. So this means that you’ll need more support than a side sleeper to keep you in the right posture. As a result, you’re recommended to use a firm or orthopedic mattress. These mattresses are specifically designed to offer optimum comfort and support to your pressure points while preventing the midsection from sinking in the foam.

Stomach sleepers

Like side sleepers, stomach sleepers are also vulnerable to pressure points. Sleeping in this position requires high-level support to keep the spine in its natural posture. It is recommendable that you use a firm or medium firm mattress. A firm or medium firm mattress will provide maximum comfort and at the same time prevent your torso from sinking. Others will tell you that a soft mattress is best but sleeping on a soft mattress will cause sinking of your torso in the mattress, this pulls the spine and cause pain as you sleep. Consequently, a very firm mattress will push your spine upwards causing you discomforts.

Now that you have an idea of how your sleep position can affect the choice of your mattress. Let us look at the various types of mattress to make your selection a little easier.


These mattresses are constructed from a combination of latex, memory foam, coils and other materials to maximize certain benefits and minimize certain cons. Hybrid mattresses are best for sleepers who wants an all-around option in terms of bounce, support, comfort and cooling. Alwas remember that you deserve only the best mattress.


These mattresses are exclusively constructed from latex foam. Latex mattresses are best in terms of support, comfort, cooling and bounce. These mattresses are best for sleepers who wants great bounce, responsiveness, comfort, and cooling. Also great for sleepers whom do not want to stay away from pronounced hug.

Memory foam

These mattresses are constructed with memory foam. These mattresses provide great support, pressure relief and body contouring. Memory foam mattress are best for sleepers who wants a great hug, contour, pressure relief and support. Also great for sleepers who want a more pronounced hug.


They have one or more layers of spring coils that enhances support and comfort. Innerspring mattresses are ideal sleepers who want a springy feel, great bounce, strong edge support and cooling.


It is our hope that you can now make an informed decision and chose the right mattress for you. Always remember that the best mattress for you depends on your needs and sleeping position. In recap, if you are a side sleeper, avoid a firm or soft mattress and fins one with medium firmness. If you’re a back sleeper, also find a medium-firm mattress that will provide maximum support. Lastly as a stomach sleeper, look for a medium-firm mattress that will support your torso and your spine. Life is short not be enjoyed; buy yourself the best gift of a mattress.

3 types of music that can help you to sleep faster

Music is known to alleviate stress and even illness. If you are having trouble sleeping then you can listen to calming music and fall asleep. Here are the types of music that can induce your sleep.

Nature’s sound

There is nothing calmer than the sound of nature. You can have a CD with the sound of ocean, rain, falling of leaves, wind, etc. These sounds will induce your sleep. It will take your mind away from all your worries. You will feel very relaxed and eventually fall asleep.

Classical music

This is mainly instrumental music. There are many classical compositions that will help you to fall asleep quickly. The music is very soothing and will lower your heartbeat to make you feel relaxed.


There are many people who prefer listening to voices. They listen to audiobooks instead of music. The audiobooks can help you to forget about your work or things that are bothering you. You will be able to get a good night’s sleep. It is recommended that you listen to books that don’t involve a lot of thinking.

According to a study, if you listen to music or audiobooks for 45 minutes before going to bed, your sleep quality will improve drastically. One disadvantage is that your CD player will be switched on for the rest of the night and your electric bill may increase. However, it can save you from insomnia.

How to choose the best audio system for home?

Listening to music is a good habit. It can improve your memory, boost your mood and let you sleep well at night. In order to listen to good quality music, you should buy a good audio system for your home. Generally, an audio system consists of a receiver, source (CD or DVD player) and a speaker. You can either buy the audio system as a whole or buy each component separately. Here are some factors you should consider for buying the best audio system for your home.

Your requirement

You should consider how often you are likely to listen to music. Will you spend a major portion of your day listening to music or will you listen to it occasionally or before going to bed. If you love listening to music all the time then it’s better to buy each of the components of the audio system separately. If you are an occasional listener of music then buy the entire audio system as a package.

Your budget

You can find audio systems in affordable price ranges. At the same time, there are very expensive audio systems in the market as well with the latest features. You should buy according to your budget.

Type of speaker

The speaker enhances the sound of your music, so it is an essential part of an audio system. You can find floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, small speakers, in-wall speakers, etc. The type of speaker you choose should be appropriate for your room size. If your room is small, then small speakers will work just fine If your room is big, you will need a larger speaker.

You should shop around before you purchase your speaker. You must make sure that you compare different brands before finally purchasing your home audio system.

How music influences sleep?

As a kid, you must have fallen asleep listening to your mom’s lullabies. Surprisingly, songs can help adults to fall asleep as well. A number of research works have proved that music has a great influence on the quality of sleep. Here are ways music influences your sleep.

Bodily changes

Music can lower your breathing and heartbeat. This will help you to feel relaxed. This is similar to how your body reacts when you fall asleep. So, when you listen to music, your mind calms down, your body relaxes creating the perfect condition for sleeping.

Type of music

Many researchers have found that listening to the music you are familiar with or enjoy listening to will make you fall asleep quickly. This is because happy-chemicals get released when you listen to the music you like. This makes you feel relaxed and you fall asleep. Slow music has a similar effect. Music like jazz, classical or folk can help you sleep well at night.

Reduces many bad symptoms

Soft music can reduce the activities of your nervous system. It decreases blood pressure and anxiety also. Your muscles tend to relax. Your mind drifts away from all the worries of life and you fall asleep very quickly. Music also reduces stress, so it aids in sleeping. Due to lack of sleep, you may suffer from insomnia. This eventually leads to depression. Good music can help you get relief from depression and give you a better mental health.

Music has a big influence on the quality of sleep. You will feel much relaxed and all your worries will be gone when you listen to your favorite music. You will be able to sleep well at night if you listen to music before going to bed.