Famous Musicians That Confirmed Their Love for Cannabis

There’s nothing more beautiful than lighting up a joint when listening to your favorite music. In fact, for many people, including me, music and weed go hand in hand. Talking about music, some of the greatest musicians of all time have praised weed for quite a lot of reasons. Whether it’s the healing ability or the fact that it stimulates creativity, musicians love cannabis.

From Bob Marley to Rihanna, cannabis is every musician’s favorite, and rightly so. Let’s take a look at some of the best musicians who have proclaimed boldly that they support and love cannabis.

  • Bob Marley

Even though this one’s obvious, did you know that Bob Marley smoked cannabis not for recreational purposes, but for his religious ones? According to the Rastafarian religion, cannabis was sacred and Bob Marley believed in spreading awareness rather than fear and hatred.

He had converted his religion much before he even became famous, and as his name and fame grew, he became an iconic figure. Bob Marley didn’t use cannabis casually, and it’s a myth that all Rastafarians smoke weed. While some of them consume/smoke weed even today, they do so to help people address their illnesses.

  • Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is perhaps the only man who can carry off a stylish braid even in his 80s! Known for his outlaw country music that drew thousands of followers, Willie has supported a lot of causes dear to him. From supporting biofuels to cannabis, he’s one of the most famous musicians of all time in country music.

Willie Nelson not only supports marijuana for recreational use, but he also contributes to the legalization movement through his company Willie’s Reserve. His enthusiasm about weed must be clearly visible, which is why a cannabis strain is also named after him.

  • Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s “Smoke weed every day” must tell you what he thinks of the herb. A list of the most famous musicians that support weed will never be complete without him, and I’m sure you agree. Right from his debut in 1992, he’s seen smoking ganja in every single video he has released.

Not only does Snoop work on his music, but he has turned his love for marijuana into a very profitable business. Apart from releasing a book on cannabis that’s made of rolling papers, Snoop also has a website and his own brand selling cannabis products called Leafs by Snoop. If there’s anything related to marijuana, he has simply done it all.

  • Rihanna

Rihanna has never been shy about smoking cannabis. Not only has she talked about her love for the herb in various interviews, she also takes pleasure in posting gazillions of pictures of her lighting up every now and then.

  • Kid Cudi

Famous as the “Lonely Stoner”, Cudi has made a lot of songs that revolve around cannabis. Even his concerts are famous and weed lovers arrive in thousands to enjoy his music while smoking their favorite joints. His debut album called “A kid named Cudi” attracted way too many followers who love his songs even today.

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