Main Factors to Consider Looking for a Mattress

A quality sleep depends on several factors such as stress levels, eating habits and daily activities. Since all these factors play a big role in affecting your night’s rest, purchasing a comfortable mattress is vitally important as it gives your body the support needed for a quality sleep. However, you may wonder what constitutes a good mattress. Many mattresses out there can help satisfy your sleeping habits. But there are main factors you should consider when looking for a mattress. They include:

  1. Mattress type

The type of mattress each person buy depends on personal preferences. With different types of mattresses out there, choosing the right type can be the hardest choice for anyone. One might even consider getting an air mattress. Anyway, if you do, make sure you get the very cabinet bed. Below are different types of mattress that will help you make an easier research and selection:

  • Hybrid- They are mattresses constructed by combining latex, coils, polyurethane foams, memory and other materials. They are usually designed to help maximize the health benefits while minimizing the cons. They are best for sleepers want the best in a bed as they offer the best comfort, support, great bounce and right temperature. Examples are memory foam hybrid and Avena mattresses.
  • Memory foam- They are mattresses made of memory foam as the only material. They are known for their pressure relief, good support and body contouring. Examples include Leaf and Loom mattress.
  • Latex– They are mattresses made of latex only. They are known for their comfort and cooling properties. A good example is Brooklyn Bedding mattress.
  • Coils– They are made of one or more spring coils designed to provide support and comfort. A good example is Honest Bed mattress.
  1. Firmness

Firmness is how soft or hard your mattress is. Though firmness is a subjective term, the firmness of a mattress depends on your definition of soft, medium and firm. In addition, body weight and body type are factors that play an important role in how you feel a mattress. Firmness should not be confused with support as a good support means keeping your spine at a perfect alignment without creating pressure points. Firmness is therefore related to how comfortable a mattress feels. Whether hard or soft, firmness level goes hand in hand with how comfortable you feel.

To help determine the level of firmness in a mattress, you should go for soft, adjustable or medium firm. Too soft or too stiff mattress affects your pressure points making it hard to get on and off the bed.

There is no universal firmness scale to help you count when looking for the Best Mattress but there is firmness scale that will help you distinguish between different firmness in mattresses. The best firmness range for most people is 5 as it offers postural control, back support and spinal alignment.

  1. Sleeping Position

It is as well important to keep your sleeping habits or positions into consideration when looking for the best mattress. For example, each sleeping position has its own requirements in a mattress.

  • Back sleepers- Both support and firmness are important for back sleepers. The best mattress for these people is the one that eliminates pressure points by offering enough softness and great support.
  • Side sleepers- Since side sleepers often changes their positions, they need soft to medium level firmness to help relieve pressure points on the back and neck.
  • Stomach sleepers- These people need a mattress that gives an equal support across the body. This is to help prevent the middle section from sinking which would result to back pain.
  1. Body Weight

Your body weight may seem less important, but it is a crucial factor you should consider when looking for a mattress. The feel, support, sinkage and hug of each mattress highly depend on your body weight and body type. Depending on your body type and weight, you may require a specific type of mattress and firmness that will help create support and ideal feel that your body needs for a quality sleep.

  1. Your Budget

A flexible and accurate budget can be very important as it helps you go through the buying process in a more efficient and comfortable manner. Some retail shops may offer mattresses at a bargain price while other may add more expenses with additional accessories and warranties. However, all should depend on what you want and what you can pay. Always consider the following tips:

  • Put the first things first and never equate price with quality.
  • Never go for ultra-cheap mattresses as they may be of low quality.
  • Your budget actually dictates the durability of your mattress.
  • Pay for quality.


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