What Mattress Is Right For You?

Everyone will tell you that you need to spend a little more on a mattress where you will spend about 1/3 of your lifetime. However, no one tell you exactly which mattress is the best for you. As a result, many customers find themselves pondering this question. Surprisingly, there is not a single perfect answer. Why? Because we have different preferences in terms of comfort and support and this makes it difficult to have a one size fit all mattress. Even more confusing, are the dozens of names mattress manufacturers have given their mattresses. But whatever your sleeping preferences maybe you can rest assured that there is a perfect mattress to suit you. Your sleeping position is one important factor that determines what mattress suit you.  So knowing your sleeping position is the first step towards finding your mattress deal.

This is what your sleeping position says about your mattress

Side sleeper

As a side sleeper, your pressure points are on the hips, shoulders and the head. So as can be seen side sleepers are vulnerable to pressure points. Therefore, the right mattress for you is one that finds a happy between support and softness. This is beneficial because it allows plenty of give and cradles to your body natural curves. This cushions your body and keeps the spine properly aligned while at the same time providing maximum comfort. This prevents any pain on areas of the body that are sensitive to pressure.

Back sleeper

For back sleeper the pressure points is at the lumbar region so you must ensure that the back is adequately supported and the spine alignment remains neutral. So this means that you’ll need more support than a side sleeper to keep you in the right posture. As a result, you’re recommended to use a firm or orthopedic mattress. These mattresses are specifically designed to offer optimum comfort and support to your pressure points while preventing the midsection from sinking in the foam.

Stomach sleepers

Like side sleepers, stomach sleepers are also vulnerable to pressure points. Sleeping in this position requires high-level support to keep the spine in its natural posture. It is recommendable that you use a firm or medium firm mattress. A firm or medium firm mattress will provide maximum comfort and at the same time prevent your torso from sinking. Others will tell you that a soft mattress is best but sleeping on a soft mattress will cause sinking of your torso in the mattress, this pulls the spine and cause pain as you sleep. Consequently, a very firm mattress will push your spine upwards causing you discomforts.

Now that you have an idea of how your sleep position can affect the choice of your mattress. Let us look at the various types of mattress to make your selection a little easier.


These mattresses are constructed from a combination of latex, memory foam, coils and other materials to maximize certain benefits and minimize certain cons. Hybrid mattresses are best for sleepers who wants an all-around option in terms of bounce, support, comfort and cooling. Alwas remember that you deserve only the best mattress.


These mattresses are exclusively constructed from latex foam. Latex mattresses are best in terms of support, comfort, cooling and bounce. These mattresses are best for sleepers who wants great bounce, responsiveness, comfort, and cooling. Also great for sleepers whom do not want to stay away from pronounced hug.

Memory foam

These mattresses are constructed with memory foam. These mattresses provide great support, pressure relief and body contouring. Memory foam mattress are best for sleepers who wants a great hug, contour, pressure relief and support. Also great for sleepers who want a more pronounced hug.


They have one or more layers of spring coils that enhances support and comfort. Innerspring mattresses are ideal sleepers who want a springy feel, great bounce, strong edge support and cooling.


It is our hope that you can now make an informed decision and chose the right mattress for you. Always remember that the best mattress for you depends on your needs and sleeping position. In recap, if you are a side sleeper, avoid a firm or soft mattress and fins one with medium firmness. If you’re a back sleeper, also find a medium-firm mattress that will provide maximum support. Lastly as a stomach sleeper, look for a medium-firm mattress that will support your torso and your spine. Life is short not be enjoyed; buy yourself the best gift of a mattress.


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